dedon perego arredamenti lissone
dedon perego arredamenti lissone

dedon perego arredamenti lissone

DEDON was born out of a love of the outdoors, a willingness to think differently and a relentless pursuit of quality. More than 25 years and 1000 employees later, not that much has changed.

Bobby Dekeyser founded DEDON in 1990. Starting with an innovative, weatherproof synthetic fiber, the company set out to create a new kind of woven outdoor furniture, one that combined modern technology with luxurious hand-craftsmanship. A search for the world’s best weavers led DEDON to Cebu Island in the Philippines. While the early years were marked by trial and error, the uniqueness of the product, the artistry of the weaving and the company’s obsession with quality set DEDON apart from the beginning.

Having revolutionized the outdoor furniture business, DEDON continues to set the standard for quality, artistry, innovation and design.

1990 - Bobby Dekeyser founds DEDON.
1994 - DEDON begins producing in the Philippines.
1998 - DEDON begins collaborating with acclaimed outdoor furniture designer Richard Frinier.
2000 - DEDON opens its own production facilities in CEBU, taking full control of the quality of its products.
2002 - DEDON releases ORBIT, its first signature piece and an instant success. DEDON opens its first showroom in Lüneburg, Germany.
2003 - Now represented in 30 markets, DEDON has two more hits with LOUNGE and BARCELONA.
2004 - The Philippines team expands to more than 1,200 employees. Back home, DEDON opens a 10,500 square-meter complex combining offices, warehouse and fiber production facility.
2009 - DEDON gains representation in more than 80 countries. World-renowned designers such as Jean-Marie Massaud and Philippe Starck add award-winning collections to the DEDON portfolio.
2010 - DEDON establishes a wholly-owned US subsidiary, and adds an Asian hub in Hong Kong. The year 2010 also saw the launch of DEDON’s groundbreaking Tour du Monde communication platform and the first in a series of advertising campaigns by legendary fashion photographer Bruce Weber. 2011 — The NESTREST hanging lounger becomes an overnight sensation.
2012 - DEDON shows its strength in non-woven designs with the award-winning SeaX collection.
2014 - The Diethelm Keller Group takes a majority stake with the aim of furthering DEDON’s expansion while safeguarding the brand’s unique character.
2016 - DEDON opens a subsidiary in Dubai.

In the meantime, DEDON will continue to surprise and delight with upcoming products and concepts that promote the greatest luxury of all, those precious moments of freedom and togetherness spent under the skies.